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Jet Taxis, based in Aylesbury, is a 100-car fleet which has been running for over 35 years.

With the Uber app having over 12,000 clicks in Aylesbury, they decided to take the plunge and join Local Cab to increase jobs, drivers and revenue for the business.


Jet Taxis was fulfilling account work and needed a system which streamlined and automated the booking process to free up operator time.

After a dip in drivers post lockdown, Jet Taxis were also looking for ways to boost their driver numbers and increase demand.


When Jet Taxis joined Autocab, the iGo marketplace allowed them to receive account work through the system and also increase jobs. Nomaan Hussain, Owner at Jet Taxis, said:

“With Autocab, the iGo system is fantastic. It makes a lot of difference to our business as we have a big account and deliver a lot of work with CMAC, so the jobs filter in automatically via iGo and saves our operators a lot of time calling and booking the job in manually.

“We’re also receiving more jobs and account work on top of the CMAC work, so it’s great for our business and drivers.”

Jet Taxis were also one of the firms who went live with Local Cab in partnership with Uber, which allows riders using the Uber to connect directly with local taxi and private hire operators. They have been pleasantly surprised with the rollout so far and are excited for future possibilities. Nomaan said:

“I knew when the acquisition was announced it would be a good thing for us. It gives us more work and that’s what we’re here to do, give more work to our drivers. I was never sceptical about it, Uber are just another aggregator like CMAC, here to provide us with more jobs.”


Post launch, Jet Taxis are seeing bookings come in via the app and also an increase driver numbers.

“I always understood the bigger picture with Local Cab and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it’s going. It’s really busy with the work that’s coming through and our driver numbers are increasing too, which is helping us to fulfil the additional demand. I wasn’t expecting anywhere near the number of jobs that we are receiving.

“Uber’s worldwide, why wouldn’t you want to work for a brand like that? The number of people who were opening the app was so high and that’s a big thing for a town like Aylesbury, as it’s not a big place, so why wouldn’t you want the extra work?”

Speaking to other operators considering taking the plunge and joining Local Cab, Nomaan has one bit of advice:

“Just go for it. Our main goal as a taxi firm is to give our drivers more jobs and Local Cab does just that. What have you got to lose?”

Looking at the Autocab system, following some initial teething issues, the system couldn’t be working better for Nomaan and his team:

“When we first switched to Autocab, there were a few issues with getting us live and being completely honest, I didn’t like the system as I didn’t know how to use it. Now, nearly 4 years on, we love it and it’s a much easier system for drivers to navigate.

“The text to speech is a fantastic add on, it really professionalises Jet Taxis and adds that modern touch we were missing."

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I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Autocab. If we ever experience any issues, the team are really efficient in solving the problem and there’s a great network of operators using the system too – we all share our knowledge with each other to get the most out of it. It’s transformed the way we operate and has allowed us to automate our business.

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