The Autocab Platform

Increase Profitability

one technology platform to bring down costs, eliminate errors and become smarter, faster and leaner

Attract & Retain Drivers

increase driver earnings and satisfaction by dispatching more jobs, to more drivers, quicker and cheaper

More Passenger Bookings

process more bookings via phone, web and app with automation tools that ensure more business, more often

"We take pride in being at the cutting edge of the taxi industry. There is no other system that is as advanced or as impressive."
Christopher McCausland | Value Cabs800 car fleet | Belfast
“Our Autocab app is as good, if not better than the Uber app right now!“
Mohammed Bashir | Boro Taxis1300 car fleet | Middlesbrough
"I would absolutely recommend Autocab. From its usability, its scalability and its robustness, it's an industry leading system."
Mark Parham | Go Green Taxis120 car fleet | Oxford
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Our Customers

Some of the private hire taxi, limo and ground transportation companies who put their trust into Autocab’s technology platform

Watch passengers book

The Autocab Platform powers 1m passenger bookings every day

No other technology provider comes close…

See Autocab's technology platform in action
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