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My experience with Autocab has been perfect


Founded in 1989, Arrow Taxis is a family-owned taxi firm run by Alex and his father Liberato.

Based in Worthing, West Sussex, Arrow has experienced rapid growth over the past 6 years. After buying out the competition in the area, the company have more than quadrupled in size and now boast a fleet of over 200 cars.


With the company using a system that had no longer met the business’s needs, Arrow were looking for a more modern and feature-rich solution. And, with a quarter of their bookings coming through their Passenger App, they required a tool which provided their customers with a smooth and efficient booking process.


After seeing the Autocab technology, and with the news of the Uber acquisition, Arrow made the switch in June, and the team haven’t looked back. Alex said:

“I’ve done 4 system changes, and this was the smoothest of them all. The team carried out a lot of testing, dealt with driver training and made sure the system was running smoothly from the off-set.”

The team have also found their feature-rich solution in the form of 365, Driver Companion and Passenger App, with Alex praising features such as Flight Tracking, Bid for Pre-booking and Driver Documents, which has allowed his drivers to upload documents, without the need to travel to the office. Driver Companion, which available on both iOS and Android devices has also allowed the company to save money by ditching the driver unit.

Alex also expressed his positive views on the Uber acquisition, which he says will help to generate extra work for their drivers:

“I see the Uber deal as a very positive thing for us. Uber don’t operate in our local area, so, with the help of Local Cab, we’ll be able to pick up the extra work.

I think they’re going for an approach similar to - they want to subcontract work to the local firms and we’re ready to embrace this when it comes to Worthing.”


After making the switch, Arrow have had positive feedback from passengers, staff and, in particular, their drivers:

“The drivers are really happy. I thought we’d have trouble with them because typically, they don’t like change, but they’ve embraced it really well.

They like having the option to use their own device and love the driver sheet reports as it allows them to see whether they’re rejecting jobs and where they can generate more money.

Driver Documents is also great. It means that if I’m working remotely, I can just approve the documentation from drivers quickly and easily.”

The company are also looking at embracing other Autocab products and features. Previously avoiding IVR due to their older customer base, they are now looking to optimise the system and increase their automation, which currently sits at around 25%. Arrow also have plans to extend the delivery side of the business with the help of Delivery Point.

“My experience with Autocab has been perfect. It’s the smoothest onboarding process I’ve ever experienced, and we haven’t encountered a single issue throughout.”

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I would definitely recommend Autocab - the experience has been perfect throughout.

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