Automate over 70% of your calls

Developed specifically for the taxi & private hire industry, Phantom maximises call handling abilities, cuts costs and provides end-to-end communication
for your operators, drivers, and passengers

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Autocab has customers in 33 countries

Key Benefits

With our Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Automatic Back on Phone (ABOP) and Call Customer Call Driver technology you’ll be able to handle greater call volumes, all while keeping costs at a minimum
Access anytime, anywhere
Our fully cloud-based and web-based system allows you to access Phantom from anywhere. So, whether you have staff working from home, in multiple office locations or through an offshore call centre, Phantom provides you with seamless and smooth accessibility every time
Reduce no-shows
Use Phantom as your intelligent automatic operator to professionally greet customers, provide real-time ETAs (without operator involvement) and reduce the number of no-shows and dead milage by connecting passengers direct to their drivers

Virtual Operator (VO)

Using state-of-the-art voice recognition, our VO can understand human language and undertake complex tasks; taking care of the bookings, while you take care of business
A laptop computer with a headset on top of it.Interactive Voice Responses

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automate up to 70% of your calls through IVR, reducing call centre costs and customer waiting times during busy periods

Automatic Back On Phone (ABOP)

Free up your phone lines from customers checking the status of their vehicle. ABOP recognises customer numbers and provides an accurate automated response and ETA, without the need for operator interaction

Phantom Analytics

Using our Analytics software, you’ll have access to detailed dashboards, with reports monitoring number of calls, call handling abilities, shifts/times where demand outstrips supply and average wait times, helping you to improve the way your team works

Intelligent Wallboards

Detailed wallboards provide you with immediate insight into how your Phantom system is running, including % automation, new customers, missed calls and much more

Call Customer,
Call Driver

Connect passengers and drivers anonymously to provide your customers with peace of mind and resolve immediate issues without the need for operator involvement
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We have countless customer success stories, your taxi business could be our next

We exclusively partner with Autocab who represent the pinnacle of quality and performance. When it comes to efficiency and innovation, Autocab truly shines. I strongly recommend them.
Street Cars
Aqeel Arshad
Director, Street Cars Manchester
Building a network of companies under one brand, would not have been possible for us without Autocab’s soft merge facility. Their development is second to none and the service we have received has made them true partners to our success.
David Hunter
CEO, Takeme Group
Autocab’s customer service is first class.
We often feel more like collaborators than customers which is high praise for the way they look after their accounts.
They are always open to suggested improvements and work with us closely to
implement any changes.
David Smith
Customer Service Director, Hull Cars
Autocab's exceptional support team consistently delivers outstanding service. Their dedication to resolving problems efficiently reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.
Eric O'Brien
Director, Rapid Travel Ltd
Autocab was the first to develop this software. They provide the support I need and promptly resolve any arising issues. The personal touch from Autocab makes you feel like part of their family -  You're not just a number or a customer to them.
Rukhsana Siddique,
Director, Crossleys Private Hire
Following a rigorous assessment of what’s available on themarket, we have chosen to continue to grow our business with Autocab – hands down the best booking and dispatch technology platform on the market.
Dave McIntosh
Director, Need-A-Cab
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Phone bookings remain the #1 booking channel — make sure you're operating the #1 system

Always on, always available, always accurate & able to do the job of many — Autocab Phantom powers the business taxi call centres in the world
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