An advanced web-based booking tool enabling customers to manage and book their journeys online

Unlock the web as a new booking channel

Our new and improved E-booker sets new standards for a seamless customer experience

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Autocab has customers in 33 countries

Quick and easy booking tool

Our user-friendly design and enhanced customer features allow your customers to manage and book a taxi in just a few clicks.

Customers have the ability to log into their accounts via your website, with favourites, booking templates and journey details saved to their profile.

E-booker offers a fully automated booking process from start to finish, recalling previous journey details and providing your customers a smarter way to book.
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Quick book

Save popular and frequent journeys as templates for a quick and easy way to book

Booking on-behalf-of

Allow customers to book on behalf of others in their organisation. Text notifications will be sent directly to their colleague and the booker will be able to monitor the journey live

Return journeys

For any journeys which require a round trip, your passengers can select a wait and return job or book an advanced return journey. Great for retaining loyal customers and ensuring an efficient service
A van is parked on the side of the road.Ebooker Payment Methods

Payment methods

E-booker offers a range of different payment types, all editable in your wallet settings. This includes the option to add a credit card for accounts and personal cards
A man driving a car on a city street.Ebooker Flight Tracking

Flight tracking

Whether your customers are early or delayed, flight tracking ensures your drivers are ready and waiting for their arrival

We have countless customer success stories, your taxi business could be our next

We exclusively partner with Autocab who represent the pinnacle of quality and performance. When it comes to efficiency and innovation, Autocab truly shines. I strongly recommend them.
Street Cars
Aqeel Arshad
Director, Street Cars Manchester
Building a network of companies under one brand, would not have been possible for us without Autocab’s soft merge facility. Their development is second to none and the service we have received has made them true partners to our success.
David Hunter
CEO, Takeme Group
Autocab’s customer service is first class.
We often feel more like collaborators than customers which is high praise for the way they look after their accounts.
They are always open to suggested improvements and work with us closely to
implement any changes.
David Smith
Customer Service Director, Hull Cars
Autocab's exceptional support team consistently delivers outstanding service. Their dedication to resolving problems efficiently reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.
Eric O'Brien
Director, Rapid Travel Ltd
Autocab was the first to develop this software. They provide the support I need and promptly resolve any arising issues. The personal touch from Autocab makes you feel like part of their family -  You're not just a number or a customer to them.
Rukhsana Siddique,
Director, Crossleys Private Hire
Following a rigorous assessment of what’s available on themarket, we have chosen to continue to grow our business with Autocab – hands down the best booking and dispatch technology platform on the market.
Dave McIntosh
Director, Need-A-Cab
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Taxi bookings that are custom-built to help you succeed

Work with the leading Booking & Dispatch software provider in the market. See the difference for yourself
Industry-best onboarding, customer service and support
New, ground-breaking features with every product update
Award-winning solutions for your fleets’ most pressing challenges
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Optimise trips right from booking and invoicing to driver management

We’ll help you retain drivers, reduce costs, and increase passenger numbers. But that’s not all. Check out other Autocab products you can access with your subscription:

A powerful web-based booking experience with all the functionality of Accounts Portal

Give your customers a modern, reliable, hassle-free web-based booking experience. Empower them to book easily with zero friction
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