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A person sitting at a desk working on a laptop.Analytics
Autocab has customers in 33 countries

Make informed decisions and measure the impact of your changes

Uncover opportunities and instantly identify areas of your business which require your attention

Easily visualise data by monthly and weekly trends, types of bookings, service levels & driver performance

But they can’t do it without smart, real-time insights right at their fingertips. That’s why you need Autocab
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Work smarter and save time

Analytics provides instant interactive, real-time analysis across your entire business, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively
Analytics 2

Data-driven decision making

With real-time insights, Analytics enables you to make data driven decisions using KPIs across your business
KPI Analysis
A van is parked on the side of the road.

Am I gaining or losing work in a certain area?

Clear dashboards help you make sense of information and allow you to monitor growth trends, booking sources, completed jobs and your most popular booking zones
A man driving a car on a city street.Customer Analysis

How many customers am I losing or gaining each month?

Get a true picture of customer activity; build relationships with your regulars, monitor booking habits, view new customers and market to those who haven’t used your service in a while

Which drivers are most at risk of leaving?

Using in-depth reports, you’ll be able to identify your most dedicated and top earning drivers, monitor those who may be at risk of leaving and give attention to those having a negative impact on your firm’s reputation
Driver Top Performance

Which time periods are my ETAs the longest?

Use reports to monitor service levels, job performance, lost work and uncover opportunities to improve your business efficiency
Driver Performance Analysis Driver Performance Analysis

We have countless customer success stories, your taxi business could be our next

We exclusively partner with Autocab who represent the pinnacle of quality and performance. When it comes to efficiency and innovation, Autocab truly shines. I strongly recommend them.
Street Cars
Aqeel Arshad
Director, Street Cars Manchester
Building a network of companies under one brand, would not have been possible for us without Autocab’s soft merge facility. Their development is second to none and the service we have received has made them true partners to our success.
David Hunter
CEO, Takeme Group
Autocab’s customer service is first class.
We often feel more like collaborators than customers which is high praise for the way they look after their accounts.
They are always open to suggested improvements and work with us closely to
implement any changes.
David Smith
Customer Service Director, Hull Cars
Autocab's exceptional support team consistently delivers outstanding service. Their dedication to resolving problems efficiently reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.
Eric O'Brien
Director, Rapid Travel Ltd
Autocab was the first to develop this software. They provide the support I need and promptly resolve any arising issues. The personal touch from Autocab makes you feel like part of their family -  You're not just a number or a customer to them.
Rukhsana Siddique,
Director, Crossleys Private Hire
Following a rigorous assessment of what’s available on themarket, we have chosen to continue to grow our business with Autocab – hands down the best booking and dispatch technology platform on the market.
Dave McIntosh
Director, Need-A-Cab
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Autocab Analytics
Control. Visibility. Transparency

Through Analytics we’ll help you retain drivers, reduce costs, and increase passenger numbers. But that’s not all. Check out other Autocab products you can access with your subscription:

See the issues clearly,
Fix the issues easily

As the pioneers for the first business intelligence tool in the taxi industry, we believe our Analytics solution is more mature and detailed than any other on the market.  From the moment you log in, you’ll get the full picture of how every aspect of your business is running, helping you make better commercial decisions and optimise performance across your operations
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