Feature Focus
February 14, 2022

We're introducing Apple and Google Pay to your Passenger App

We're introducing Apple and Google Pay to your Passenger App

Included in our latest version of Passenger App (33.5), Apple and Google Pay removes the need to add your card details to the app and provides your passengers with an easier, quicker, and more secure way to pay for their journeys.

As a digital card, there are no forms to fill in and passengers can authorise payment biometrically, via a fingerprint or facial recognition in just a few seconds.

Getting set up

If you are an Autocab customer, you can find out more about our new Google and Apple Pay feature here. Both payment methods will require a Judo Pay account and an update to Passenger App 33.5. Please be aware that Google and Apple Pay can be used for deferred and upfront payments only, and cannot be used as a replacement for secure pay at end bookings.

Please note: both features will need to be set up by an Autocab Engineer. Please contact our DevOps team DevOps@autocab.com to enable.

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