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Overcome your driver shortage with our 12 features of Christmas 🎄

The festive season is back with a bang this year. The streets are filled with shoppers, Christmas parties have returned and you can practically smell the Christmas market food from your house.

With driver numbers at an all time low and and demand set to peak during the holidays, it can be a stressful time for taxi firms. But we want to help! That's why we're launching our 12 features of Christmas, which aims to highlight features which help tackle driver shortage, optimise features, and most importantly, maximise your drivers' time on the road.

Keep your eyes peeled on our social channels and on this blog between 2 - 17 December as we'll be promoting a new one every week day. For the full feature details click on the titles below. Happy Holidays!

  1. Feature 1 - Deck The Wall 
    The Wall provides you with the option to target busy periods, prioritise customers and reduce no shows.
  2. Feature 2 - Snow me the money (Tariff changes)
    A great incentive for your drivers to work is making tariff changes during the festive season.
  3. Feature 3 - Tel-elf-phone messages
    Add festive phone messages and on hold music to Phantom.
  4. Feature 4 - Loyal-tree
    Incentivise customers to use your app above others by rewarding them for travelling with you.
  5. Feature 5 - Driver 'go home' for Christmas
    Utilise your drivers and motivate them to complete one more job on their journey home.
  6. Feature 6 - Call and cancel your one-horse sleigh
    Simplify your job automation process and reduce dead mileage with our cancel on ABOP feature.
  7. Feature 7 - A-noel-yse your workforce
    Get a full view of how your business is running and provide customers with an efficient service this Christmas with Analytics.
  8. Feature 8 - Pro-ho-ho-mo codes
    Reward existing customer and welcome new ones to your app with Christmas promo codes.
  9. Feature 9 - Present and correct
    With Special Locations, customers can pin-point their location, helping to improve driver efficiency and reduce no shows.
  10. Feature 10 - Pay (for your sleigh) By Link
    Allow your drivers to take card payments quickly and securely with Driver Initiated Pay By Link.
  11. Feature 11 - Plan your Christmas journeys
    Ease the pressure on your dispatchers and improve efficiency for drivers with our Bid for Pre-booking feature.
  12. Feature 12 - Jingle on your way
    Add a festive feel to your Passenger App with customisable themes and vehicle icons.

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