Driver Companion

With Driver Companion, accepting and completing a booking is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Available on iOS & Android

Now available on iOS, our app has been developed to optimise efficiency and maximise driver earnings, making it the perfect companion for your drivers. 

  • Driver Companion

  • The perfect companion

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Key benefits



Reduce driver management  

Drivers are able to manage their work from their iOS or Android device, meaning they do not need to come into the office. 

Easy-to-use functionality

Our Driver Companion app is simple and easy for drivers to use. Its intuitive technology allows taxi operators to improve efficiency, grow driver numbers and increase driver loyalty in a seamless way. 

Increase driver earnings

Driver Companion empowers your drivers, providing complete transparency with built-in reports, to gain insight into league tables, busy periods or underserved areas, to maximise earnings and performance.    

  • Reduce driver management  

  • Easy-to-use functionality

  • Increase driver earnings


Upload documents remotely

Drivers can upload important documents, such as insurance and licence details, via their iOS or Android Driver Companion app, and send them to your company for verification and approval, meaning you’ll be able to update existing driver details and onboard new drivers quickly.  


Job Preview

Job preview provides full visibility for drivers to see all the jobs pre-assigned to them. This is ordered by date/time, displaying pick-up and drop off locations, allowing for a more flexible way of working. 


Driver 'Go Home' Function

With destination mode, our intuitive app will alert the system to only send job offers that have pick up locations on the way towards a drivers’ set destination. 


Bid for pre-booking

Drivers are able to bid for pre-selected future work, ensuring fair distribution and giving them complete control over their work.    


In-App Notifications

Seamlessly integrated with 365 Booking and Dispatch, Driver Companion updates details and notifies drivers of any changes, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction. 


Built in help guides

Immediate access to driver user guides and important information via our ‘help’ button improves the efficiency of your existing drivers and allows you to onboard new drivers quickly.


Driver Companion easily allows drivers to accept jobs in one swipe.

Developed specifically for private hire and taxi firms, Driver Companion is an easy-to-use app which empowers your drivers and allows them to manage workloads and increase job satisfaction. A fully customisable and sleek app, which is the ideal solution for your business.

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What's included in Driver Companion?

View the full list of Driver Companion features below:

iOS and Android apps

Operates with three simple swipes

Built in documentation

Full visibility of busy and underserved areas

Real time earning stats

Integrated with Booking and Dispatch and Phantom

Destination mode

List of zones and available jobs

Fully automated driver ratings and league tables

Automatic text message to the passenger

Pre-defined prices or in-app GPS meter

Navigation from pick up to destination

Bid for pre-booking

Driver documentation upload

In-app flight updates

Product integration

iOS app now available

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