X-ray vision for your business. Find out what’s going on under the bonnet and know exactly what to do next. 

Business insights

Built to help private hire taxi and limousine owners understand their business, Analytics helps companies make informed decisions and measure the impact of their changes. 

  • Analytics

  • Business intelligence

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Key benefits



X-ray vision for your business

Uncover opportunities and instantly identify areas of your business which require your attention. 

Work smarter and save time

Analytics provides instant interactive, real-time analysis across your entire business, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Data driven decision making

With real-time insights, Analytics enables you to make data driven decisions using KPIs across your business.

  • X-ray vision for your business

  • Work smarter and save time

  • Data driven decision making

Growth trends

Which areas are you gaining or losing work in?

Clear dashboards help you make sense of information and allow you to monitor growth trends, booking sources, completed jobs and your most popular booking zones. 



How many customers am I losing or gaining each month?

Get a true picture of customer activity; build relationships with your regulars, monitor booking habits, view new customers and market to those who haven’t used your service in a while. 


Which drivers are most at risk of leaving?

Using in-depth reports, you’ll be able to identify your most dedicated and top earning drivers, monitor those who may be at risk of leaving and give attention to those having a negative impact on your firm’s reputation. 

Monitor service levels

Which time periods are my ETAs the longest?

Use reports to monitor service levels, job performance, lost work and uncover opportunities to improve your business efficiency. 

Detailed insights

Who is your most profitable account customer?

Gain detailed insights into your account customers. Breakdown data by monthly and weekly trends, types of bookings, service levels and understand which accounts are generating the most revenue for your business.  

Improve the way you work

How many call centre staff do I need to recruit every hour of the week?

Tailored to your Phantom analytics, you’ll be able to monitor number of calls, call handling abilities, shifts/times where demand outstrips supply and average wait times, helping you to improve the way you work. 

Monitor earnings

Are my drivers working enough hours?

With our Business Health dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor driver earnings, driver capacity, job value and have full access to your invoice timeline. 


As the pioneers for the first business intelligence tool in the taxi industry, we believe our Analytics solution is more mature and detailed than any other on the market.  From the moment you log in, you’ll get the full picture of how every aspect of your business is running, helping you make better commercial decisions and optimise performance across your operations. 


What's included in Analytics?

View the full list of Analytics features below:

Detailed Accounts analysis 

Account profitability 

Passenger App performance and optimisation 

Dispatch breakdown by day, location and drivers

ETA accuracy

Automated booking stats

Bookings breakdown

Growth trends

Business health – revenue, driver capacity increase, job value

Invoice timeline

Pre-booking and ASAP booking breakdown

Driver demand

Lost work

Job performance – good vs bad jobs

Customer data - loyal, returning, new and lost

Detailed customer booking analysis

Driver summary - revenue, high earners, no jobs and more

Call centre overview, missed calls, agent 360

Soft-merge integration


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