Accounts Portal

Onboard new account customers and provide additional jobs for your drivers with our Accounts Portal.

Secure new accounts

Developed with our customers, who work with leading banks and multi-million-pound companies using this product, Accounts Portal has been designed to elevate your business and leaves our competitors standing. 

  • Accounts Portal

  • Win new accounts

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Key benefits

Accounts Portal



Grow your accounts work

Secure new corporate, government and hospitality accounts with the help of Accounts Portal, resulting in more jobs for your drivers. 

Complete control

Give customers complete control and visibility over their taxi spend, reducing account administration. 

Reduce volume of work

With Accounts Portal, the volume of administration required to service the account will reduce, resulting in cost savings.

  • Grow your accounts work

  • Complete control

  • Reduce volume of work


See all journeys made

Your customers can see a full overview of upcoming, live and completed journeys on their activity tab, so there is no confusion over what journeys have been made, by whom, when and for what purpose.  


Personalised validation questions

Account customers can customise validation questions to ensure employees are making bookings within their given guidelines and monitor spending, giving them complete control and visibility over their taxi spend.  


Create booking templates

Designed for individuals making regular or repeat journeys, booking templates help to reduce unnecessary admin for your customers. 

Full visibility

View all journeys in one place

With full visibility of all trips, past and present, as well as live location updates, Accounts Portals provides account customers peace of mind over safety and security. 


Travel programs

Providing an added layer of security to monitor their account usage, travel programs allow customers to tailor budget, spending restrictions, locations, number of rides and security from one place by creating bespoke travel programs to suit their needs. 


Elevate your business with our Accounts Portal.

Fully integrated with our Ebooker, Passenger App and Booking and Dispatch technology, our portal simplifies the taxi booking process and provides your corporate customers with complete control and visibility.


What's included in Accounts Portal?

View our full list of Accounts Portal features below:

Add/remove users

Travel programs

Journey allowance

Booking limits for budget, location and journey

Travel restrictions

Validation questions

Start/end dates for temporary or contract staff

Live data across all platforms

Require approval option

Super booker - the ability to book journeys without restrictions

Booking on behalf of others

Booking templates for regular journeys

Total visibility of upcoming, live and completed journeys

Import and export spend reports

Easy billing process

Enhanced safety & security features

Product integration with E-booker, Passenger App and Booking and Dispatch 

UX design

Travel Programs

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