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We are the world’s number one taxi dispatch software provider, on a mission to help local private hire and taxi operators transform their businesses.

Market-leading technology

We provide customers with solutions designed to retain drivers, reduce costs, and increase passenger numbers.

Customers at the heart

We pride ourselves on putting customers first. We listen to their needs, feedback and ideas to create software that makes a difference.

Family culture

We started as a family run business in 1989 and continue to embrace a family theme in everything we do. A team of 140 people with customers across the world, together we are the Autocab family.

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140 + employees
operating worldwide
driving innovation
market leaders

Our Founder

Our founder, Dr. Falah Abod, was a computer scientist with a vision to transform the transportation industry and 30 years ago sought about creating a new product to simplify the dispatch process.

Over a weekend, Dr. Abod designed a prototype system and began selling the kit out of the back of his garage. With a system more advanced than anything on the market, the hardware-based solution incorporated data terminals in taxis to connect the driver to the office and the business quickly took off.

The innovative solution Falah created to help the taxi industry, and businesses grow, has left a lasting legacy that still informs how we operate the business today.

140 + employees
operating worldwide
driving innovation
market leaders

best in industry
experts in our field

Taking you further

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to be a company that makes a difference. This vision has shaped how we work today – we strive to be the best and provide award-winning solutions for our customers.

We bring fresh ideas, collaborate with our customers and pioneer the industry. Whether you’re a customer, partner or employee, we’re on a mission to help you Go Further with Autocab.

best in industry
experts in our field

Autocab Motto

Go further...

30 years & counting

The journey so far

From then to now. Find out more about our Autocab journey.

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Autocab Values

We have five core values which we live and breathe by. We’re firm believers in practising what you preach and wanted our values to reflect our ethos, so you know from the off what you can expect of us.

  • Customer First

    We put our customers first. We value their opinions, listen to their feedback and put them at the heart of what we do.

  • Collaborative

    We all have our own strengths and know that we work better when we work together. We listen and evolve to create something worth shouting about.

  • Adaptable

    We're problem solvers. We're not afraid to think outside the box and adopt a flexible approach to be a brand which our customers can rely on.

  • Passionate

    We’re a close-knit group who love what we do and are proud to work for Autocab. We have a vision to be the best.

  • Straight up

    No nonsense. We're honest and upfront so you know where you stand with us.

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