Unlock a new revenue stream with Delivery Point

Utilise your fleet to provide a taxi delivery service. Unlock revenue, recruit drivers and generate more trips with Delivery Point.

Diversify your business

Future proof your business and establish yourself in a new market. Pivot towards moving goods as well as people, in turn expanding your fleet to become a transportation business.

  • Unlock revenue

  • Diversify

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Key benefits



Additional revenue

Tap into a multimillion-pound delivery market and unlock a new revenue stream for your business.

Recruit additional drivers

With your new delivery service, you'll need to recruit additional drivers to cover the extra work. Take this opportunity to expand your fleet - you could even employ a new type of driver in the form of cyclists, scooter riders and student drivers.

Improve driver retention

Future proof your business with a new industry. With more jobs to fulfil and the opportunity to bid for alternative delivery work, your drivers will be able to fill quiet periods and earn additional revenue.

Strengthen your brand

Customers trust local. Build loyalty with customers, increase your brand exposure, and strengthen relationships with local businesses by providing a new and efficient delivery service.

  • Additional revenue

  • Recruit additional drivers

  • Improve driver retention

  • Strengthen your brand


Fast and automated

When a delivery is requested, the job will be fed through your Booking and Dispatch system and automatically assigned to an appropriate driver via our Driver Companion app.


Pricing set by you

All prices for Delivery Point are linked to your Booking and Dispatch pricing, with rules and tariffs set by you.

Diversify your app

Add delivery to your Passenger App

Transform your Passenger App into a delivery app. Once Delivery Point has been integrated with a local business you'll be able to add them to your Passenger App, with the option to include contact details, what they sell and distance.


Track your order from store to door

Once payment has been approved, customers will be sent a confirmation text containing a link to track their order. This results in a more positive end user experience and being able to compete with online platforms which use tracking technology.

keep your drivers in the know

Instantly recognisable delivery jobs

Delivery jobs are instantly recognisable, with details and special instructions displayed to your drivers on the job offer screen of their Driver Companion app.


An "out of the box" solution to facilitate deliveries across the entire community.

Available on Android devices, Delivery Point utilises a fleet of drivers already on the roads, allowing taxi firms and local businesses to partner together to provide a cost-effective delivery solution.


What's included in Delivery Point?

View a full list of Delivery Point features below:

Delivery app integration

Multi-drop capability

Fast and automated delivery

Smart delivery quote

Order tracking for customers

Instant delivery request

LIVE ETAs to monitor delivery time

Intelligent CLI for customer recognition

API integrations to tills

Delivery Point

Award-winning technology

Launched in 2020 as a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis, Delivery Point as already received various accolades for its innovative design, development, and creativity.

  • Award wins


  • Award shortlists


  • 2021

    App of the Year - Silver Delivery Point

  • 2021

    UK App of the Year Delivery Point

  • 2021

    Best App Delivery Point

  • 2020

    App of the Year Delivery Point

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Low & high fidelity wireframe building

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