Booking and Dispatch

Highly bespoke and configurable to suit your business, Booking and Dispatch provides you with full visibility and control of your private hire business, from one simple and secure, cloud-based platform. 

Customisable and configurable

Our flagship Booking and Dispatch product provides you with a feature rich, intelligent, and secure platform, designed to take control of your business. 

  • Booking and Dispatch

  • Our flagship product

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Key benefits



Highly configurable auto-dispatch

Our highly customisable and configurable dispatch technology automates the allocation of jobs to your drivers to maximise earning potential and increase passenger satisfaction. 

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Completely cloud and web based, Booking and Dispatch is great for office and remote workers, those on the go, and even those in offshore call centres. Plus, with no clunky software downloads to contend with, you’ll have smooth and seamless access to your system every time. 


No need to purchase, install and maintain software; just access your Booking and Dispatch software via the internet and pay a small monthly licence fee. 

  • Highly configurable auto-dispatch

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

  • Affordable

the hard work done for you

Automated technology

With automated technology handling bookings from your app, E-booker and IVR, and multiple configurations for dispatch/auto-dispatch, longest waiting vs nearest car, multi-pickup for school contracts, Booking and Dispatch does the hard work for you. 

keep customers informed

Customer notifications

Using Automatic Text Back, passengers will be notified when their vehicle has been booked, dispatched and when it arrives at their door. 

Plan ahead

Repeat bookings

Instead of booking multiple jobs for one journey, Booking and Dispatch provides customers with the option to plan ahead with a wait or return job.


Multi-company management

End to end visibility of your multi-companies; manage, book, and organise from one screen and system.

For high demand

The Wall

For situations where there is a surge in bookings and supply cannot meet with demand, we’ve introduced The Wall. As well as providing your regulars with priority booking, The Wall provides great incentives for recruiting drivers by directing them to areas of high demand. 

Your cloud based solution

A real-time automated booking and dispatch engine that delivers.

Improving speed, cutting costs and optimising your business; Booking and Dispatch does the hard work for you.


What's included in Booking and Dispatch?

View the full list of Booking and Dispatch features below:

Cloud based

Intelligent auto-dispatch

Configurable dashboard

Warning message for late jobs

Customer notifications


Longest waiting vs nearest car configuration

Multi-pickup for school contracts 

iGo integration (Receives jobs from the iGo marketplace in an automated way) 

Wait or wait and return jobs

Multi-company management

The Wall - for when supply cannot meet demand



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