The Wall Optimisation

£200.00 EX. VAT


Do you want to improve your booking efficiency?

With “The Wall” Optimisation we will ensure you have complete visibility, control and transparency over your entire booking process, making it a breeze to successfully manage busy periods without affecting your customer service levels.

Not enough drivers online to cover busy periods?
No problem, the Wall can be deployed to broadcast to your offline drivers to get them to login and accept trips.

Too many passengers all requiring trips at the same time?

We’ll show you can set rules that reward loyal passengers and ensure your drivers are only receiving work from ‘good’ customers. Through the Wall Optimisation our team will help you:
Block – prevent passengers who have a history of no-shows from making a booking during peak.
Surge – convince drivers to work your peak periods by earning more from every trip
Warn – alert customers with the right message at the right time that you’re experiencing a busy period and set expectations regarding dispatch times, and inform your ‘good’ customers that depite the busy period, they will enjoy priority status.

And much, much, more…

Book a Wall Optimisation now and never worry again that busy periods are costing you and your drivers money…