Extra Android Licence

£13.00 EX. VAT


  • £13 per Licence Per Vehicle  (Valid For 4 weeks)
  • Direct Debit form and  Agreement  will also be downloadable at the checkout
  • For Android devices only
  • For the Ghost system in  your office (you have Autocab computers and servers in your office)
  • Direct Debit

Direct Debit Acknowledgement * 



  • If you have your own phone and want to download either Autocab Driver Companion or Autocab mobile software to the phone, you will need to purchase an additional licence
  • The cost is for a one month licence. This will give you time to fill in the direct debit form (if not already in place) to keep the licence active


Please note the delivery time is: 24 hours from purchase Monday to Thursday and 48 hours Friday to Sunday.