Corporate Accounts Portal Online Training

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An Autocab Telephony Consultant will contact you to arrange an online CAP Training session through MS Teams.

On this call they will discuss how the training session will be structured and what areas of CAP are of particular interest to you. By default, we will cover the following topics during the session:

1. What is and why use CAP – pros and cons.
2. Converting a customer from normal accounts to CAP account vs setting new customers up in cap from the get-go (phone call bookings on CAP vs on app).
3. How will cap be used – will company be account managing – show method of setting up fake admins, or will customer be taking control, how to invite the end user to become admin.
4. CAP overview – how to enable for a customer and send the first invite – What can be customized.
5. How to link accounts, setup passengers with open travel programme to book account jobs on app, (simple mode) show CAP reports and how to see all bookings.
6. How to setup travel programmes per department and person using budgets and locations.
7. How to configure bookers and super bookers (what is and what is not possible for the bookers.
8. Remapping invoices to new travel programmes in ghost windows.

The session is estimated to last 2-3 hours and will be recorded. A download link will be sent to the customer.