Accounts Online Training

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An Autocab business consultant will contact you to arrange an online Accounts Training session through MS Teams.

On this call they will discuss how the training session will be structured and what areas of Accounts are of particular interest to you. By default, we will cover the following topics during the session(s):

1. Account global settings and overview – what do we use it for why we use it.
2. Account profiles – how to configure different types of account, NHS, School, Private, Corporate – covering what can go on invoices, surcharges, pricing, and booking flow “mandatory fields” set one daily, weekly monthly account during training.
3. Booking flow and docket journey – booking 2x each of the above for use later. – show diff booking formats with the use of mandatory fields.
4. Account Automator why to use it and when not to use it – recipe applied to each account one to pass one to fail.
5. Driver companion responses from failed recipes what impact does it have on the driver.
6. Docket checks posting and docket life journey.
7. Driver Accounts – configuration of commissions, flat v percent, best practice to automate flat rents with commission instead using sliding scale, i.e 0 to £1 is £150.00 – when driver completes a job is automatically charges the flat rent so you dont need to check driver shifts and mark people – not worked.
8. Invoicing – invoice templates, credit notes, exports, reports
9. EZP settings and card reconciliation

We recommend covering accounts over 2 sessions with each of the session estimated to last 2-3 hours. These will be recorded, and a download link will be sent to the customer.