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Transform your business from a local taxi firm to a global booking platform

What is iGo?

iGo is the UK’s largest network of taxi and private hire operators – and now includes operators from over 30 countries around the world!  When you join the iGo network, you can send and receive jobs across the UK and the world, helping you compete with apps such as Uber, MyTaxi and Lyft. Grow your business today and transform from a local taxi firm to a global booking platform.

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Benefits of going global

Earn commission

Earn a booking fee every time you send a job via the network! Whenever you receive work outside your area, the system will automatically feed that job to a local provider.

Increase customer satisfaction

Offer your customers unrivalled coverage with the largest combined taxi and private hire fleet; meaning less waiting times, faster journeys, and unparalleled customer service.

Expand your network

Ever wanted to expand your business but realised the costs were too high? Don’t worry, with iGo, you can grow your operating network worldwide; all without the associated costs.

Cater for your customers

When you customers travel outside your area, previously, they had to use another taxi firm. With iGo, your customers use your app to place bookings; wherever, whenever!

Add value to your business

Increase the number of bookings your business processes; meaning more jobs for more drivers. What’s more, you could increase the overall value of your business to potential investors.

Increase customer loyalty

The iGo network uses your own branded Passenger App, not a national or shared brand app, ensuring you retain ownership of your customers and aren’t sending them towards a competitor.

Why receive work from the iGo network?

Gain more customers

Through the iGo network, you instantly gain access to 23 million new customers who could be using your firm when they enter your area.

Fill quiet periods

Increase the number of jobs you process each day by filling quiet periods, generating additional income and keeping your drivers happy.

Receive additional jobs

Network jobs are paid at your existing local rate. Meaning more work for your drivers; all without additional marketing investment.

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Take advantage, whatever your fleet size

Whether you’re a 20 car firm in Carlisle or run a 2,000 car fleet in London, with iGo, you can now take your business worldwide; all without the huge costs of opening new offices. What’s more, you’ll retain ownership of your customers when they visit new places, reducing the risk of them switching.

What makes iGo unique?

Access to the largest network of taxi companies in the world

Over 75,000 cars worldwide, all ready to accept work from you

Allows YOUR customers to book via YOUR app, ensuring you keep control of
your customer base; not send them to another national or shared app

How to get started

Step 1 | Receiving jobs

If you use Ghost Booking and Dispatch, then great news, you can start receiving jobs straight away.

Step 2 | Sending jobs

To start sending jobs nationwide, simply get the latest Passenger App and sign up to the iGo network today.

Transform your business from a local taxi firm to a global booking platform
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