An advanced web-based booking tool which allows your customers to manage and book their journeys online.

Perfect for account customers, our new and improved E-booker sets new standards for a seamless customer experience.

Full visibility

For corporate customers and school accounts who require additional safeguarding and security measures, E-booker gives full visibility of journey details and live activity, meaning they’ll be updated every step of the way.

Quick book

Save popular and frequent journeys as templates for a quick and easy way to book.

Integration with Google Maps

Find addresses quickly and easily, without the need to search for postcodes. Particularly useful for destinations where the business address has recently changed.

Precise pick-up

Customisable pick-up instructions enable your passengers to find their driver quickly, saving time and money.

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E-booker features

Favourite locations

Save your favourite and most visited locations for easy access.

Driver notes

Keep drivers informed on all aspects of your journey with driver notes.


Our pre-bookings feature allows customers to book journeys in advance, providing them with
peace of mind.

Instant quote

Enter a pick-up and destination for an instant quote. These will be linked to your Booking and Dispatch pricing, with rules and tariffs set by you.

Cross platform integration

Cross-platform integration with Passenger App, E-booker and Accounts Portal provides customers with full visibility over their remaining spend and journey details in real time.

Plan journeys

Return and wait and return jobs allow your customers to plan journeys ahead of time.

Flight tracking

Whether your customers are early or delayed, flight tracking ensures your drivers are ready and waiting.

Booking on behalf of

Allow customers to book on behalf of others in their organisation, with text notifications sent directly to their colleague.


Attract new customers

Designed for account customers such as schools, large corporations, Governments & Councils, non-emergency medical transport and social services, E-booker provides your customers with a modern way to book.

Full integrated

E-booker is integrated with Accounts Portal, Passenger App and Booking and Dispatch, with customer profiles, favourites, booking templates and travel programs saved across all platforms.

Additional jobs for drivers

You’ll be able to onboard new account customers, resulting in more jobs for your drivers.

Retain loyal customers

Our user-friendly design and enhanced customer features allow your customers to book a taxi with just a few clicks.

Easy to use

Provide your account customers with an alternative, easy to use online booking tool.