Delivery Point

A fast and effective delivery solution to support your customers and local businesses when they need it most.

With people being urged to stay indoors due to COVID-19, Delivery Point aims to provide you with a sustainable solution to utilise your fleet and help the community.

Additional work for drivers

At a time when demand for delivery is high, your drivers are ideally positioned to provide an effective delivery transportation option.



Our adaptable solution allows you to partner with shops, pharmacies, garden centres, hardware stores and many more, to ensure you meet the needs of the wider community.


Build long-term relationships

A delivery solution that works for local businesses now and in the future.


Easy to use

For store owners, drivers and customers. One single solution to facilitate deliveries across the entire community.

Protect the vulnerable and support local businesses by offering a hassle-free delivery service.
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Order tracking

Once payment has been approved, your customers will have the ability to track their order from the shelf to their door.

Offer contactless delivery

To complete their order, customers will be provided with a secure link to pay for both shopping and delivery. This provides instant payment for both parties, whilst ensuring no cash is handled in the process.

Shout about it on your app

A simple pop-up message in your app can be an effective way of letting your customers know that you’re offering a delivery service in their area.

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