Chatbot for Facebook

Give your customers the ability to book a vehicle with you directly through Facebook Messenger; the first AI booking tool in the industry.

Engage with a younger generation

Provide your tech-savvy customers with an automated booking tool, which responds to requests quickly and accurately.

Fun and intuitive

Chatbot is programmed to understand your questions, queries and commands, whilst providing a friendly and personal touch with emojis.

First AI booking tool in the industry

Smart and automated, Chatbot moves away from traditional booking technologies and is designed to suit the demands and needs of your customers.

Gain customers

Engage with tech-savvy consumers with a new way to book, making them more likely to book with you in today’s competitive market.

Improved customer service

Our Chatbot replies to booking requests instantly and is available to customers 24/7, meaning they never go unnoticed.

Cost savings

Our Chatbot provides you with an automated solution and can handle multiple bookings at once, meaning you can have extra pair of hands without the extra cost.

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of the game and provide your customers with an additional communication channel that not even Uber has.

Our Chatbot for Facebook

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