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"20+ years with Autocab; we’d never look elsewhere."


Celebrating 24 years in business, Value Cabs is one of Autocab’s longest standing customers.

Lead by Christopher McCausland, his brother Stephen and Christopher’s four children, Emma, Peter, Jonathan, and Michael, they are one of the largest firms in Belfast, Northern Ireland and have seen exponential growth over the last 20 years.



After buying a small taxi business in 1996 and running on radio for two months, Value Cabs were keen to expand within the industry. With the initial struggle of trying to onboard new drivers and gain customers, they knew they needed to invest in an effective dispatch system to kickstart their business.



As new player in the taxi industry, Value Cabs travelled over to England to meet with three dispatch providers. After meeting with the first two providers in London, they made their way up to Manchester to meet with Dr Falah Abod and the Autocab team and were immediately sold on the system. Owner of Value Cabs, Christopher McCausland said:

“When we met Falah and saw the Autocab system, we knew it was the best. We ordered 100 kits that day. We actually only had 30 cars at the time but knew that the system would allow us to expand quickly and we wanted to hit the ground running!”

A couple of weeks later, Falah sent the team over to Belfast to set up the new firm and within 6-8 weeks, they had already placed an order for more kits. Within the year, Value Cabs had more than 200 cars and had overtaken as the market leader in the area.



Now, over 20 years on, Value Cabs have acquired numerous companies and is licensed to operate more 800 vehicles in the area.

With the help of Autocab’s IVR technology, the firm has also reached automation levels of around 55-60% without the need to recruit additional staff. This, along with their dedication to deliver high quality service and standards, has enabled them to grow beyond expectations.

“We’ve always had a great relationship with Autocab. We’re close with the team and they provide us with a great level of service.

We’ve been with Autocab for over 20 years and we’ve never looked at another system. When speaking with others in the industry, we all agree that Autocab is the best on the market.”

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