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Delivery Point has changed our business


With the spread of COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns throughout 2020, taxi firms have been forced to rethink their strategy and search for new opportunities within the market.

One of the firms embracing the new normal are DG Cars, who, with the help of Delivery Point, have successfully launched a taxi delivery service across the East Midlands.


Like many taxi firms, business for DG Cars in Nottingham was hugely affected by the lockdown in March 2020. With the closures of workplaces, schools, pubs and restaurants, work declined rapidly, and many drivers found themselves with little or no jobs to fulfil.


As restaurants and café shut, the demand for takeaway boomed and a gap in the market was realised. With takeaways and restaurant unable to provide an effective delivery service to fulfil the orders they were receiving; taxis would provide the perfect delivery solution.

When Delivery Point launched, DG Cars immediately realised the potential. By diversifying their business, they’d be able to provide more jobs to drivers, whilst solving the problem of takeaways being overrun with orders and not enough delivery drivers. Takeaways could utilise DG's fleet, dispatching 1 order, with 1 driver and simply repeat the process. No more waiting for delivery drivers to return from dispatching a takeaway; instead, they'd have a fully on-demand fleet at their fingertips.

Many food ordering apps, such as JustEat and Deliveroo, charge a high commission for their delivery, meaning takeaways were initially reluctant about bringing in an additional delivery app. However, using Delivery Point, DG Cars could work directly with the takeaways and restaurants, reducing the commission and providing an effective solution to suit their individual needs.


DG Cars launched Delivery Point in May 2020, carrying out 3 trial runs with restaurants and takeaways in their area. During the first 10 days of their pilot test run, they made over 30 deliveries per day from one restaurant outlet, equating to around 300 delivery jobs.

Now, 6 months on, DG have expanded the service rapidly, working with 160 restaurants and generating around 3000 additional jobs per week for their drivers. They have also onboarded 135 new delivery drivers to facilitate their delivery service.

And with these incredible results; word has spread fast. DG continue to onboard new customers weekly and are viewing Delivery Point as a long-term solution.

They have found significant success with high end takeaway outlets, restaurants and dine-in services who previously had no means to deliver takeaway or had a limited number of delivery drivers. Delivery Point has completely transformed DG’s business.

Dominic Moyes, Sales Manager from DG Cars says "Preparation is key for the launch of Delivery Point. You need to onboard drivers, order hot food delivery bags, ensure drivers are happy with rates, set up accounts, train your teams on the new product and most importantly, spread the word! It's taken some time to implement but if you're willing to put the hard work in, it opens up an entirely new and powerful revenue stream."

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