Using penalties effectively

As discussed in our previous Driver Penalty Zones blog, penalising drivers for rejecting jobs can be a difficult decision to make for operators and can cause frustrations. However, if used correctly, penalties, backup zones and auto-dispatch can improve both automation and customer service.

Example 1

Previously, operators would have no backup zones, and penalties for rejecting jobs would be activated for all drivers. This is because a dispatcher would be assigning jobs to drivers manually within their zones; creating a back log of work and higher ETAs for customers

Example 2

Using backup zones and auto dispatch, jobs can be assigned systematically, with only rejection penalties for drivers who have rejected a job close by or in the same zone. This means more automation, less work for a dispatcher and ETAs improved.

Job offer colours

To help your drivers and operators distinguish between jobs on Driver Companion, we use job colours. Each of these colours are controlled by Ghost settings and will have a different impact on your drivers if they reject a job.

To configure this and set relevant penalty times, you will need to follow the instructions in our Driver Penalty Zones blog. Using these instructions, once you reach the ‘Disable Job Reject Penalty’ setting within Ghost, you will see one of three options. Changing these options, will affect the colours of each job, as illustrated below:

  • Yes = Jobs will come through as green for this zone.
  • No = Jobs will come through as red for this zone.
  • If Backup Zone = If a driver is in a backup zone for the booking they receive, they can reject this without a penalty (more information on this can be found in our Driver Penalty Zones blog).


This is the green job offer screen. If a driver sees this screen, they are allowed to reject the job in question without receiving a penalty, provided they press the ‘REJECT’ button.

The green job offer screen will show up if a driver is in a backup zone to the booking in question, only if the zone of the booking has ‘Disable Job Reject Penalty’ set to ‘If backup zone’.






This is the red job offer screen. If a driver sees this, they will receive a penalty if they do not accept the job.











This is the amber job offer screen. Amber jobs come from the app, which are not instant dispatch (instant dispatch bookings will appear on the red job offer screen). If a driver sees this screen, they will not receive a penalty when they reject a job but may be placed into the ‘Reject’ zone which will lose their place in the queue.


Please note that any Instant Dispatch App booking will appear in RED and will come with a penalty if rejected.




Please note: if a driver does not press the ‘REJECT’ button and the job is rejected due to timeout, the driver will receive a penalty. This ensures that the driver will not continue to be offered work if they are not in their vehicle.


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