GDPR is here – make sure your business is compliant

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Why brand consistency matters

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Go Green Taxis: A Customer Success Story

Nowadays a lot of people pay lip service to eco-issues, saving the planet, going green and so on… but here we have a transport provider that was founded on just those principles, and whose management carry through that concept in … Continue Reading

Advertising in your local paper – is it worthwhile in the age of social media?

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Customer satisfaction Surveys – what to ask your customers to help improve your business and customer service

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10 SMS Marketing Tips for Successful Private Hire Companies

Text message marketing can be a great way to reach your customers instantly, and with near-100% open rates it can be a viable marketing tool if used correctly. The power of SMS has been well-established for over 25 years; we use … Continue Reading

Taxi website features checklist: the 9 must-haves for your online presence

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Should you run a ‘Green Fleet’? The pros and cons of electric/hybrid vehicles in the private hire & taxi industry

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Grow your Business: Want to communicate with your customers? – Send a Text Message!

Nothing is more frustrating and demoralising than having drivers sitting around, with their meters off, waiting for customers or accounts to book a car! For drivers, controllers and operators to make money, your fleet needs to be on the move, … Continue Reading