Three ways to grow your business with Autocab Analytics

Autocab Analytics gives you unparalleled insight into your business. It automatically compiles and interprets all the data from your Ghost Booking & Dispatch system in an easy-to-understand format, so you can see where you can improve your business. But how … Continue Reading

Get more from Ghost this Christmas

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Go Green Taxis: A Customer Success Story

Nowadays a lot of people pay lip service to eco-issues, saving the planet, going green and so on… but here we have a transport provider that was founded on just those principles, and whose management carry through that concept in … Continue Reading

10-point weekly vehicle checks for private hire taxi drivers

Good business is all about cultivating good business culture, and key to setting the right tone is to develop and encourage good practice across your business. Because your fleet is central to any good taxi firm, it makes sense to … Continue Reading

Learn to delegate – 5 top tips for successful management delegation

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Switching Taxi booking systems: 7 questions to ask when evaluating a new software provider

In the private hire and taxi industry the provider of booking and dispatch software plays a key role in a company’s success. Having in place a consistent, formalised system for evaluating the alternatives and making the final selection is essential … Continue Reading

Planning for your retirement – pensions for private hire taxi firm owners

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Driver Knowledge – Pensions: what taxi drivers need to know

As a taxi driver, you’re very likely to be self-employed, and this can make saving for a pension a little trickier than for an employed individual whose employer is legally obliged to enrol them into a workplace pension (if this … Continue Reading

Growing your private hire taxi business: Great account management

As a private taxi firm, the best customers are repeat customers and, this means that it’s essential to build up a large and diverse list of Accounts. Accounts can be local businesses such as hotels, restaurants and pubs who have … Continue Reading

10 TED talks every taxi and limo business owner should watch

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