Why you shouldn’t use Uber: Five reasons to give your next customer who asks

Uber’s story is well known – the company shot to fame in 2012, following a soft launch in London and a swiftly executed PR campaign. In what felt like an overnight surge, the app started to win over thousands of … Continue Reading

Blacklisting and whitelisting your customers

It’s important to prioritise your dependable and repeat customers (to recognise and make them feel special), whilst also ensuring that unreliable and rude customers are blocked from using your service. Using our blacklist and whitelist set up, your operators will … Continue Reading

Let customers know it’s YOU texting

Using multiple SIMs on textgateway is necessary to ensure that your customers are kept informed via text on their booking confirmation, car dispatch, car arrival and much more. However, due to the use of multiple SIM cards, customers often receive … Continue Reading