Improve customer service with driver alerts

Want to significantly improve your customer service? Try turning on our warning alerts for drivers. Sometimes, when drivers are due to begin their shift, they may decide to accept a job before they get into their vehicle. Before they know … Continue Reading

Autocab’s Passenger Survey reveals what’s important to taxi & private hire customers

Autocab’s 2018 Passenger Survey has revealed the booking habits of taxi and private hire passengers, giving an insight into the changes and trends impacting companies across the industry. Calling by phone to book a journey was still the number one … Continue Reading

10-point weekly vehicle checks for private hire taxi drivers

Good business is all about cultivating good business culture, and key to setting the right tone is to develop and encourage good practice across your business. Because your fleet is central to any good taxi firm, it makes sense to … Continue Reading

Driver Knowledge: 5 things you can do today to improve passenger satisfaction

Passengers are the lifeblood of any taxi business, so it’s super important that you keep your fares satisfied. Here are five essential tips to delivering a better service. 1. Know the roads like the back of your hand The most … Continue Reading

10 SMS Marketing Tips for Successful Private Hire Companies

Text message marketing can be a great way to reach your customers instantly, and with near-100% open rates it can be a viable marketing tool if used correctly. The power of SMS has been well-established for over 25 years; we use … Continue Reading

Taxi website features checklist: the 9 must-haves for your online presence

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Participate, engage & be heard – are you making the most of your social media presence?

Social media, it’s clear to see, is much more than a passing phase – whilst it may have begun as a way for people to connect and stay in contact with people, it has since become a valuable communication channel … Continue Reading

Do taxi drivers need to smarten up?

Taxi drivers in Ireland may soon be required to follow a dress code, or even wear a uniform, according to the National Transport Authority. Could this be part of an attempt to revitalise the industry? Private hire taxi drivers in … Continue Reading

Growing your private hire business: How to keep your fleet on the road this winter

As the nights draw in and the roads get icier, it’s time to consider the impact of the coming winter on your fleet of vehicles. Inevitably, in these darker winter months there’s an increased risk of accidents. In 2015, according … Continue Reading

What to do if your taxi firm receives bad press

When the message is a positive one, word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in helping you grow your private hire taxi business. Of course if that message is a negative one… it can have a damaging … Continue Reading