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Making the right investment for the future, especially given the current economic climate, has in recent years, become more important than ever before. That’s why Skyway Minicab have chosen to invest in Autocab. To provide a sound investment for the future.

Skyway previously operated without a computerised system and were finding it difficult to recruit drivers and provide the level of service that they and their customers demanded. After consulting a friend, who also operates a taxi firm using Autocab, they decided to invest and install Autocab’s latest Ghost booking and dispatch software and PDA’s.

Improve driver earnings by 30% with Autocab

Compared to not having a computerised system, Autocab brings a whole range of benefits. Superior booking and dispatch capabilities are the first and most noticeable which is many times faster than any voice system. Fleets are managed with GPS and jobs are intelligently dispatched to the best available taxi so saving on fuel costs as there is less dead mileage. This is also better for the environment. Drivers can typically expect to earn around 25-30% more which is a magnet to attract more drivers and so expand your business.

Expand your fleet & improve your service with Autocab

Skyway Minicab are now on their way to realising their ambitions of expanding their fleet and providing a premier service to their clientele with Autocab. Malik Shahzad, Manager, is delighted with Ghost and Autocab overall…

Ghost dispatch is lightning fast

“…We wanted a system for the future. After Autocab was highly recommended by another taxi firm we

made our decision. We want to expand our fleet and improve our service and we will do that with Autocab. Booking and dispatch is now much easier and faster then ever before. When a repeat customer calls their details are already on the screen which makes our job easier and helps provide an excellent service. The accounts suite in Ghost is also incredibly useful. We have a great feeling about Autocab and are looking forward to a bright and prosperous future…”