Skyex Minicabs switched to Autocab

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Skyex were established in the early nineties originally using a basic radio system which unfortunately had limited coverage making expansion beyond a certain point almost impossible. After trying two systems on the market, encountering restrictions with both, Dev Jassi (Owner) and his team at Skyex required a system that would not impose limits on their potential and made the intelligent choice to switch to Autocab. Three years on and Skyex have doubled their fleet to over 400 vehicles and 450 drivers making them one of the fastest growing firms in London.

1.5 million bookings per year

With their huge fleet they are able to offer their customers a high end service comprising of minicabs, executive travel and business accounts. This earns them in excess of 30,000 bookings per week which is well over 1.5 million bookings per year through their Autocab system. In order to handle this high volume of bookings and dispatch with maximum efficiency they utilise an automated booking service which comes in the form IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This intelligent piece of software can recognise inbound numbers and offer the caller a list of their regular jobs which they can book by pressing #1 on their keypad. The system will then book and dispatch the job without the intervention from the operator. Currently Skyex are taking around 15% of their bookings on IVR which on some busy weeks can be in excess of 5000 jobs.

Skyex Minicabs upgrade to Ghost

These impressive figures are maintained by Dev and his teams resolve to stay ahead of the competition. If there was any doubt of this it has been eradicated by their recent acquisition of Ghost, the industry’s leading booking and dispatch software, and their move to a larger and more modern premises. The combination of these two elements demonstrates their status as the leading private hire firm in Hayes – London. Meanwhile their competitors are left trailing in their wake. Dev, who was keen to express his feedback on his company’s progress since the switch to Autocab, told of his desire to preserve their position as the leader of the pack. Citing forward thinking as the driving force behind his success, he said…

The booking app from Autocab is the future

“…We have performed extremely well since we installed Autocab. We have solidified our position as a top firm and expanded our fleet to 450 drivers. We have looked at all the systems on the market but Autocab had the right solution for us. We are always striving improve and build on our success. We have now acquired the latest booking and dispatch software (Ghost) and the booking app to give us a platform for the future. The app is already starting to take shape and fast becoming a popular way to book. We now have a brand new modern call centre and we are very excited about a bright future…”

Skyex are improving on an already excellent service with the booking app from Autocab – a must have in today’s modern world of ‘smart phone mania’. Interesting that Dev should raise the point about the app being ‘a platform for the future’, as according to some sources, it is estimated that 75% of the population will have a smartphone by the end of 2014. It is evident that Dev and Skyex have recognised this market and fully intend to capture this audience with their app.