Skem Express Cars, Skelmersdale cut payroll costs with Ghost and go live with Omicron

Ghost is the latest in booking and dispatch technology

Ghost booking and dispatch software is the latest in data dispatch and fleet management technology. It provides the complete solution for all your operating needs in a user-friendly environment. Ghost is the result of over twenty years of research and development and Autocab installations from over one thousand sites world-wide making it the most advanced and versatile system on the market. Access to all modules is seamless and controlled by permissions whilst extensive use is made of mapping for both control and information. Ghost is also touch screen compliant.

More efficient and cost effective business

Skem Express Cars of Skelmersdale have recently discovered the benefits of Ghost after upgrading from Autocab Classic V8. They have experienced faster job dispatch, quicker invoicing and reduced payroll costs, enabling them to run a more efficient and cost-effective business. Mr Paul Drameh, proprietor of Skem Express Cars, is delighted with the acquisition of Ghost. He is very optimistic about the future of his business and was more than happy to offer us this positive feedback.


We are delighted with the upgrade to Ghost

“…We are delighted to upgrade to Ghost from Autocab classic. The classic system was good but we had gone as far as we could with it. We wanted to take our business to the next level whilst improving productivity, efficiency and profitability. Ghost is the solution to all this and more…

Ghost is the dream system

…We have saved on payroll costs and invoicing has become easier and much more efficient. The management and accounts suite enables us to run a productive and cost-effective business. Features such as call recording and call monitoring, help us manage our call centre and improve service. The beauty of it all is that Ghost is so easy to use. With a colourful user friendly interface the operators are finding it a dream…”

Drivers delighted with Omicron data terminal

The Omicron data terminal from Autocab provides the best of both worlds being compatible with GPRS and two way radio. It is sleek and modern in appearance, compact with a depth of less than 15mm and a five inch colour touch screen. Paul Drameh described it as ‘affordable’ and ‘purpose built’. The drivers of Skem Express cars are delighted with the Omicron finding the software very easy to use. And the GPS meter is spot on.