Huddersfield Taxis webHuddersfield Taxis, an Autocab user for over six years, are heading in a new direction after owner, Mohammed Alyas, decided it was time to inject some new life in to the business. Dissatisfied with existing within the realms of mediocrity he took on the challenge of transforming the firm to be ‘the biggest and best firm’ in Huddersfield. The firm’s image was first on the agenda and a re-brand, with a new logo and signage to their office, saw to it that their company was given an appropriate ‘face-lift’. Looking the part the next step was to ensure they had the infrastructure to expand and handle larger quantities of work flow more efficiently.

Ghost is the right tool for the job

To compete with the best you need to have the right tools and Mohammed was certainly no stranger to this. He recalled the days when they dispatched by voice and the chaos that came with it. The noise over the radios and the difficulty in locating vehicles were just some of the ‘headaches’ they had to contend with. These points were reiterated by dispatch Manager, Cath, who preferred to forget the days without data and GPS. However, the installation of Autocab Classic eradicated these issues and enabled the firm to progress. Six years later and Mohammed’s appetite for success had once again grown. Although their Classic system was still able to maintain their current standards Mohammed had recognised the industries progression in to modern technologies such as automated booking services like the app. Mohammed, already with the experience of upgrading, decided it was time to do so once again. This time his upgrade came in the form of Ghost dispatch software and booking app from Autocab.

Improve bookings & reduce overheads with the booking app & Phantom IVR

The automated booking services, like the app and Phantom IVR (Interactive Voice Response), are perfectly suited to improving a private hire taxi firm wishing to compete in today’s modern world. These features provide a quick and user friendly method of booking for your users who utilise them to book their taxi without the need to speak to an operator. With the app no phone call is required. This is great news for your customers but also for you and your business. This not only frees up your phone lines, helping you to capture calls you were previously missing and therefore increasing your bookings, but it can also have the added benefit of reducing your overheads. For example, if you have a great enough percentage of your bookings (typically around 30%) on these automated services, there will be less need for additional operators to take calls and consequently you can save on staff wages. This is certainly the objective of Mohammed who is keen to have as many of his bookings on these facilities as possible. It’s no surprise that he is currently focusing his efforts on promoting his new services and to a good response so far.

Delighted with the recent developments he was more than a little keen to offer his point of view. He did so with a tone of excitement as he told us…

Autocab provide the keys to success

“…Providing convenient and accessible methods of booking and having the right tools to manage and organise your business are the keys to success in this industry. I am confident that Autocab have provided us with those keys…

Take the chore out of Admin with Ghost

“…we find the accounts package very useful. It makes accounting a quick and easy process. We are able to view our accounts history and email invoices which take the chore out of our administration…

…My ambition is to become the biggest and best private hire firm in Huddersfield and Autocab is the system to help me achieve just that…”