Aqua Cars, based in Portsmouth, are one of the leading taxi companies on the south coast with an expanding fleet of over seven hundred and fifty cars and a reputation for delivering a first-rate service.

Aqua Cars, in just a matter of weeks after switching to Autocab’s technology platform, have increased their levels of automation from just 8% to a massive 40%. We’re confident those levels are only going to improve as Aqua’s operators, drivers and passengers begin to explore and exploit many of the features of Autocab Ghost, Phantom, E-Booking and of course the white label Passenger App.


Neil Jackson, Product Manager at Autocab commented, “Aqua’s decision to switch to Autocab has been rewarded in a matter of days since going live. Not only are they experiencing a huge uplift in automation, they’ve reduced their weekly lost calls from thousands to zero with the implementation of Autocab Phantom and our IVR and ABOP solutions.”

Aqua MD, Ronnie Leng said, “We decided on Autocab after a lengthy evaluation of all of the major vendors out there. Their holistic approach to booking & dispatch has delivered beyond our expectations – our operators are already up to speed with Ghost and comfortably processing bookings in less time than with our previous software solution. We understand the importance of automation and Autocab’s software is delivering exactly what our business needs.”

If you’d like to improve your automation levels just like Aqua, get in contact – we’d be happy to demo our software solutions.