Collecting rent payments from drivers is often a time-consuming, laborious and sometimes unpleasant task facing private hire and taxi firm owners up and down the country each and every week.

Rent day can mean arguments with drivers over what’s due. It can mean drivers missing the deadline completely, or only making a part-payment with promises of making up the difference soon. Drivers sometimes turn up with bags of small change which needs to be counted, they request complicated payment plans and even pass over counterfeit notes…

Nick Jones from ABC Cars (Harlow) Ltd. was facing these issues each and every week. Rent Day was Monday and the whole team dreaded the experience. Nick manages a fleet of 135 cars and recently installed Autocab’s ScanCoin Driver Payment Collection System. Nick commented, “life has become so simple now we have the ScanCoin Machine. We have calculated that it will pay for itself in 3 months. The drivers have accepted it with no complaints. Taking rent used to be an all-day event. Now we don’t have to do anything.”

As with all of our solutions, Autocab’s ScanCoin Driver Payment Collection System can be configured to your requirements. Set a specific fixed time each week for rent payments. Accept part-payments or even daily rent payments from your drivers to help them manage their cash flow. See immediately who has paid and how much has been collected. ScanCoin will automatically switch off drivers if they don’t pay their rent, ensuring prompt and full payment each and every week. ScanCoin will counterfeit check each and every banknote received – easy, fast, automatic.


“I thought it was going to be good but I didn’t know it was going to be this good. I’m happy to tell all of your customers that the addition of ScanCoin to our operation has made a huge positive impact through time saving, efficiency and productivity.”  -Nick Jones, ABC Cars (Harlow)

If you’d like to see Autocab’s ScanCoin Driver Payment Collection System in action, book a demonstration.