Expand your business with Autocab

Expanding ones business is high on the agenda for any owner of a Private Hire firm who has the ambition to succeed. However, it is the owners who go that extra mile that separate them from the rest. Of course almost every firm is trying to expand but why should drivers choose your firm over the competition? There are many reasons for this which include, and most importantly, being able to provide them with a regular stream of work, a well organised and structured enterprise with the user-friendly facilities to operate efficiently and effectively. To do so, requires the right system, and according to David Jones (Owner of A2B Taxi Service in Cheshunt) that system comes in the form of Autocab.

A2B Taxi Service are a perfect example of how to expand a private hire taxi firm in today’s competitive market. In fact, the firm has more than doubled in size in the last three years. It is no coincidence that this began when David Jones made the intelligent choice to install Autocab. Keen to express his feedback David gave us a brief insight in to his firm’s history before progressing to the benefits of Autocab that have helped him to expand his business and stay ahead of the competition. He told us…

30 drivers gained with Autocab

“…Our company was originally started 28 years ago but has appeared in different forms since due to various brands and changing of hands. However, in the present form of A2B Taxi Service, it was started around three years ago with 28 cars. It was at this point we installed Autocab as an upgrade to the archaic pen and paper system. We have never looked back since…

Autocab is a great system

…Autocab is a great system. The amount of bookings we can handle seems to be unlimited. We are taking around 7,000 bookings per week. We would never get anywhere near that with the old system. But that’s not the only advantage Autocab has brought to our business. One of the most notable improvements has been the upgrade to GPS. This allows us to track all our vehicles in real time and enables the system to select the best car to dispatch the job to…

Plot the course of the driver with the snail trail from Autocab

…Another benefit of Autocab GPS is the ability to plot the course that the driver has taken with the snail trail feature. This ingenious element allows us to see the exact route that the driver has taken. This can help resolve disputes. For example, if a customer would like to check that the driver has taken the cheapest route, we can do that. It is good security for both passengers and drivers. Using GPS we can also keep customers updated on the status of their taxi…

A2B Taxi Service deliver fast & reliable service with Autocab

Since they installed Autocab three years ago A2B have grown to become the biggest firm in Cheshunt and deliver a fast and efficient service to their customer base. Their efficiency has improved which has seen an enormous increase in bookings of several thousand per week. This has helped them to attract drivers and maintain a competitive edge. David closed with this statement…

Autocab helps increase business

…We are very happy with Autocab. The drivers are happy with the system and the work that they receive from it. They find the Omicron data terminals easy to operate. They can even check the flight details which is a big plus for them.

Drivers can check flight details

Autocab helps increase business and of that there is no doubt. We have increased accounts work and have a great package to manage it. We are looking forward to a bright future with Autocab…”

All Autocab Windows CE & Android data heads have airport and flight details