Response to 'Taxisummit' event

We have been made aware of an event scheduled in March entitled ‘Taxisummit’ – portrayed as an all-industry online exhibition.

For something to be an all-industry event means neutrality must be assured. There needs to be editorial balance and the focus must be on providing the best event for the biggest possible audience. We all know, in reality, Dotted is backed by iCabbi and therefore we do not believe that it’s good for our industry to have ‘all industry’ events being led by dispatch providers. We do not feel that this iCabbi/Dotted ‘event’ is representative of the industry, nor is their message one of support for our trade – it’s simply a sales pitch from one booking & dispatch provider and the content could easily be delivered by way of an iCabbi/Dotted-branded webinar.

It is especially ironic that despite the ‘headline’ topic being, “dispatch operators giving their opinion on the CMA’s latest update on the Uber/Autocab Ltd acquisition” Dotted/iCabbi chose not to invite the UK’s largest dispatch provider and the target of the acquisition – Autocab – for comment.

But critically, after such a difficult year for the entire trade, it’s a slap in the face to a number of established, neutral, industry event organisers who have for years ensured our trade have a strong selection of events and exhibitions to attend – ProDriver run their Congress events and QSI Awards and are also rolling out a series of online events. The PHTM’s annual show was greatly missed by all last year and Autocab looks forward to exhibiting there later this year. Even the LPHCA also run well-attended events in both London and Manchester…

Events are the life-blood of these organisations – it’s the sponsorship fees and exhibitor fees that pay the salaries of their staff and pay for the three leading trade magazines that land on our doorsteps (or more recently, inbox) month after month. Industry suppliers such as insurers, car manufacturers, payment solution providers etc. have limited budgets – we feel it would be better if these budgets were spent supporting the professional, unbiased, event organisers who don’t have alternative funding sources to fall back on.

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