Reinstate former drivers quickly and easily

For taxi and private hire owners, it’s a common occurrence for drivers to move from firm to firm within their area. And, with this, comes the possibility that they may revisit a former taxi firm and start work with them again.

When this happens, your operators are left with a time-consuming task, which they may have to repeat on a regular basis… but not with Ghost.

Using our ‘Reinstate’ button, you can easily view your previous drivers and in 2 quick clicks, restore their information back onto your driver records. This saves your operators valuable time and also means your drivers can be up and running with your firm again in no time.

To reinstate a former driver, go to Management > Drivers > Drivers and click ‘Reinstate’ at the top of your screen. A list of your previous drivers will then appear. Simply search for the driver you want a click the ‘Reinstate’ button at the bottom of the page.

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