Reduce your job rejections with adequate booking information

Often, when drivers are not provided with booking details for a job i.e. cost, pick-up, zone, they reject the job when it comes through to their PDA. And, as it is difficult to punish a driver for rejecting a booking they have little or no details about, these jobs can be rejected multiple times without consequence.

As best practice, we recommend adding the booking details to Driver Companion so that when drivers do receive a job, they are provided with adequate information on cost, pick-up location, zones, passengers etc. This will allow drivers to see the job before they accept it and, if they do reject it, it will allow you to implement a ‘sinbin’ (or penalty) process fairly. This will first and foremost reduce the number of jobs which are rejected, but also improve app experience for your customers.

To set this up, visit Management > Settings > Configuration > Vehicle Communications and scroll down to Bookings. Here you will find ‘Hide booking details until accepted’ option – this should be set to ‘Off’.

You will also need to visit ‘Booking field order’ and tick the boxes of the information you would like to go to the Driver PDA. Once these have been selected, the details will appear on the PDA before the job is accepted and reduce the number of job rejections.

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