Reduce charge-backs with 3D secure

Are you experiencing high volumes of charge-backs on your app? If so, we have a solution for you.

The simple solution to reduce charge-backs is to implement 3D secure in your app. However, we understand that taxi firms can often be deterred by 3D secure as it requires customers to enter an additional password each time they pay for a booking; a necessary step but an additional hassle.

So, we’ve developed a compromise.

Instead of customers having to enter 3 letters of their password each time they pay, Sage Pay’s system allows you to decide how often your customers re-enter their 3D secure password. This may be every 3 bookings, every 5 bookings and so on, and can be set to suit you and your business. This saves time for your customers and still provides you with the same security to reduce chargebacks on your app.

This setting may require an update and must be set up by an engineer. Please speak to a member of the Autocab team for more information.

Please note: This option is only available on Sage Pay. Judo Pay provide 3D secure but customers are required to enter their password each time they make a payment.

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