Plea to supermarkets – make use of the thousands of UK taxi drivers willing to fulfil home deliveries

Today we’re launching our campaign urging supermarkets to take advantage of the thousands of taxi drivers that have been left with little or no work due to the coronavirus outbreak. These drivers are ready and willing to be out there making home deliveries on behalf of UK supermarkets.

Through our iGo network, we can provide supermarkets with instant access to more than 80,000 drivers across the UK, who could all potentially be making deliveries.

Despite being told to stay at home, it’s proving increasingly difficult for people to secure home delivery slots. But this is one way to avoid the public venturing out. There’s also the added benefit of local taxis being able to make quick trips as they know their local areas so well. As they don’t need to wait for multiple orders to be loaded onto vans they can also offer a much more on-demand service.

“We completely understand and empathise with the strain that supermarkets are under”, says Safa Alkateb, CEO of Autocab. “Over the past week we have seen them go on a huge recruitment drive to get more staff in-stores. By collaborating with taxi companies, however, they can gain access to even more resource, and quickly. We are all in this together and there are taxi drivers all over the UK ready to help."

The technology that provides the option for online customers to use taxi drivers is already available and is proven – it has been trialled by Co-op - so it can be up and running quickly.

Please let us help.

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