Never miss a job with Phantom’s Missed Call Back feature

When your phonelines are busy and customers are waiting in a long queue to speak to an operator, they can often become frustrated. As a result, they may decide to put the phone down and call another taxi firm in your local area, and you may miss out on a potential job.

However, with Missed Call Back, Phantom can automatically call customers back who have hung up, meaning that you never have to miss out on a job.

Simply put, Phantom will perform the following steps:

  • When a customer hangs up their phone after waiting a long period of time for an operator, the system will automatically call them back
  • When they answer, a voice will ask them to press ‘1’ if they would still like to book a taxi
  • Upon pressing ‘1’, they will automatically be placed back into the same queue, this time with the highest priority, meaning their call will be answered sooner

To enable Missed Call Back, simply follow the steps below.

First navigate to the IVR you wish to utilise the feature on. You can do this by navigating to Automation>Master Controls on your Phantom interface. Then click on the more controls button on your IVR of choice.


There is an option under the IVR Controls column, called IVR Call Back. This must be enabled in order to use the feature. Please note: only calls routing through this IVR will be eligible for a Call Back.


Navigate to the queue associated with the IVR that has been configured.


Edit the queue, enable the Missed Call Back option and configure a threshold, in seconds, before callers are eligible for a Missed Call Back. We recommend 60 seconds. Once you are happy, click save.


Added benefits of Missed Call Back

  • Missed Call Backs can only occur once per hour per caller to ensure that the system is not exploited
  • Only medium and good reliability customers will be eligible for Missed Call Back, ensuring that only your most reliable customers will receive the benefit of this feature.
  • The message played to the customer when they are automatically called back can be tailored to suit an individual company

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