Monitor and retain large Account Customers with Autocab Analytics

Account work can be some of your most valuable work so it’s important to be transparent about the service you are delivering. With our Detailed Accounts Analysis on Analytics, you can provide Service Level Agreements reports to your Account Customers to help monitor and retain your large accounts.

To generate a report, open a browser and go to Ghost 365. Once you are in your dashboard, click on ‘Analytics’ on the left-hand menu and then on ‘Accounts’ from the drop-down. Along the top bar of Accounts, click on ‘Detailed Accounts Analysis’ and a list of your Account Customers will appear in a list. Simply click on the Account Customer of your choice and you will be presented with their dashboard.

This will show a number of details including weekly and monthly trends, PUDO locations, booking patterns and service level; all of which will help your account customers see the value of your service.

And, what’s more, as well as providing your Account Customers with reports, you’ll also be able to see useful information which could help to improve your business and service. For example:

  • Pick up and drop offs – if there’s a regular geographical where customers are being picked up at/dropped off, you can provide more taxis in that area for a more efficient service
  • Booking patterns – has one of your larger Accounts reduced their work with you recently? Monitor this and call them to find out why; it could be a simple fix and increase your revenue
  • Driver lateness – if you notice that your Account Customers are regularly left waiting, ensure more drivers are in the relevant zones at the key account’s booking time

If you don’t have access to Analytics and would like more information, you can speak to one of our Sales team on 0161 491 7777 or email

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