Lockdown restrictions - how to keep your taxi firm moving

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced new lockdown restrictions to control the spread of Coronavirus. This included a range of new precautions for bars and restaurants, along with face covering guidelines for taxi drivers.

Whilst these changes may feel like we're taking a step back, we believe that, with the help of our products and services, taxi firms can create some potential opportunities.

To help you, we've included some advice on areas you can develop, along with tips and tricks to help you generate more business.


Promote your business

From this Thursday, bars, pubs and restaurants must be closed by 10pm.
Now you know the time your customers will be heading home, use push notifications to send promo codes, and remind them that you’re still running as normal. Schedule a message for 9.30-9.45pm and you’ll be just in time for the 10pm rush! Don't forget to remind them to wear a mask too.

Visit our shop to purchase an App push notification optimisation.


Develop your delivery service

Although pubs, bars and restaurants are required to close at 10pm, delivery services remain unaffected by this change.

Use this as an opportunity to speak with local businesses and restaurants and develop your delivery service. You'll be able to generate more jobs for your drivers and provide an effective local delivery service.

Delivery Point is free* and easy to set up. Visit our shop to order now.

*for Platinum bundle customers



Show you’re taking the safety of your passengers and drivers seriously by using the hashtag #ThinkTravelThinkTaxi and signing up to the Safe Taxi and Private Hire Charter.

When you sign up, we’ll provide you with lots of free resources and advice on how to promote your business. Click here to get involved.


Upgrade safety measures

It is now mandatory for taxi users to wear face coverings. If you haven't purchased face masks or you're looking to implement further safety measures in your vehicles, visit our Connect partner website to find an Autocab approved supplier.

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How to Operate in the New Normal

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