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Accounts Portal Alerts

Provide your customers with full visibility of their allocated budget and allow them to keep track of employee allowances with Alerts.

Using Alerts, your customers can set thresholds and configure custom notifications for travel programs to help avoid overspending and keep on eye on their overheads.

Getting set up

Configure custom alerts for travel programs and keep track of exceeded allowances and allocated budget with Alerts on Accounts Portal.

To add a new Alert, go to Configure Alerts and click on the button.


Here you can specify what type of alert you would like to setup. For example, below we have named our alert “90% Weekly Budget“, set the Allowance Type to “Weekly“, value as Percentage, and the Percentage to “90“. This means that if the weekly allowance exceeds 90% of its set limit, you will now get an alert within the Alerts section.

Please note: As we have not chosen a Travel Program, this alert will now apply to all programs. However, you may choose to set alerts to specific travel programs of your own.

Once the alert has been added, you will see it in the Configure Alerts section, along with a graph displaying the total alerts including which are Enabled or Disabled.

If an alert is triggered, these will be populated in the main alerts section.

From here you can mark the alerts as Read Unread or you may choose to delete the alert using the button.

Please note: Alerts will only show in this section and you will not be notified by any popups or indicators.

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