Improve customer service with driver alerts

Want to significantly improve your customer service? Try turning on our warning alerts for drivers.

Sometimes, when drivers are due to begin their shift, they may decide to accept a job before they get into their vehicle. Before they know it, they’ve made a cup of tea and are already 10 minutes late for a job.

With warning times, Ghost can actually detect whether a driver has moved since he/she accepted a job. If they haven’t moved within a certain time frame, both the dispatcher and driver will receive a warning message, and the job may eventually be recovered. A simple tool but one that can be very effective for improving your customer service.

To set up these warnings, go to Management > Settings > System > Warnings.


On this screen you will be able to edit the times and distance settings of which the warnings will be set to appear.

In the example on the left, if a driver has not moved more than 50 meters in 1 minute, then a warning will appear.

This setting can be greatly beneficial to the efficiency of your dispatch team, as they can quickly assess issues and take proactive measures, when needed.

You can also set an Auto Recovery time and distance; particularly important for your Account work. This means that if the driver has not moved a certain distance within the timeframe you have set, this job will be recovered and sent to another driver.

Quick tip: warnings can also be accessed by clicking ‘W’ on the booking screen.


If the dispatch team receive an alert, specific warning messages can also be sent automatically to drivers, which will appear on their devices. This can be useful for a few reasons:

  • Ensures drivers are not taking advantage of the system – using their device in their house or taking a detour before picking up a customer
  • It can help to prompt the driver to start the job – making sure they meet with customer expectation
  • If a driver is stuck in traffic and receive a warning, they should contact the dispatch team, who will then inform the customer of the extended ETA
    • Alternatively, this could allow the job to be recovered by another vehicle who is able to get to the customer quicker

To set these warnings, go to Management > Messages > System Messages and scroll down to ‘Warnings’.

Once ticked, default messages will appear in the boxes. However, these can be changed to a message of your choosing. To edit any of the alerts, just click ‘Edit’ and don’t forget to save before exiting the page.

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