For locations on the edge of a zone, use Auto Plot Out Tolerance

When creating zones, it is inevitable that some locations and roads cross over into another zone. This is particularly common for taxi ranks on the edge of a zone or in small zones, as if there is only one space to wait, drivers will often drift in and out of that zone while they wait for a job. The problem here is that once they have drifted into another zone, they may start to receive jobs from that particular zone.

With our Auto Plot Out Tolerance feature, if you encounter this problem, you can extend the tolerance of a zone by a set number of meters. For example, if a taxi rank sits on the edge of your zone, or is in a particularly small zone, you can extend the tolerance by 30m, allowing drivers to park near the rank and still receive jobs in that zone. This also works for areas with poor phone reception.

To add plot tolerance to one of your zones, visit Management > Zones > Zones, select the zone and click edit at the top of the page. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will find GPS Types and ‘Auto Plot Out Tolerance’. Using the – and + keys, you can reduce or increase the plot tolerance by a set number of meters.

Please note: this feature is only recommended for small zones and should not be used to redraw zones.

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