Everything you need to know about the Uber/Autocab acquisition

In August last year Uber announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire UK technology company Autocab  

We’re delighted with the news and we look forward to realising some of the benefits that will come for our company, our technology and most importantly, our customers, over the coming months.  

Here’s a quick recap on everything you need to know about the Uber/Autocab acquisition:  

  • Uber will join a number of demand generators already using the iGo marketplace and will offer incremental work to taxi firms. This will mean additional earning opportunities for your drivers, potentially leading to the need for you to recruit additional drivers to meet this increased demand.  
  • This incremental work being offered by Uber is entirely opt-in. You remain in control and can chose whether or not you wish to receive work via demand generators on the iGo network, including Uber.  
  • Private Hire Taxi firms provide a fantastic service to their local community - and the local community is loyal to their favourite taxi firm. Your customers will continue to use your phone number, (Remember 60-70% of all taxi bookings are made over the phone) passenger app, e-booking, Facebook Chatbot and Corporate Accounts Portal to book their trips. Just as with the other demand generators currently providing demand via iGo, the incremental trips Uber are offering will be primarily from out-of-towners visiting the area, corporate travellers visiting on business and national contract work.  
  • This acquisition centres around Uber and the taxi industry working together. Through this collaboration, Uber can service their existing customers, taxi firms can receive incremental bookings and Autocab can continue to invest in its multi-award-winning technology.   
  • The terms on offer from Uber will be fair and attractive to Autocab customers. 30 leading UK firms have already signed Memoranda of Understanding with Uber and a further 150+ meetings have been requested with Uber. If you would like to receive work from Uber, please contact your Customer Care Representative.  
  • Uber will be investing significantly in the development and international expansion of our SaaS technology, meaning we’ll continue to provide our customers with the best booking and dispatch products available on the market.   
  • Our customers’ data belongs to our customers, in line with GDPR and data privacy laws. In addition, we have recently updated our terms and conditions to provide added peace of mind for our customers. 
  • Post-Transaction Uber and Autocab will ensure that your data (and the data of your drivers, passengers and trips) remains protected and, specifically, that Uber obtains no unwarranted access to this data.  
  • Following the deal close, Autocab will remain a distinct entity within the wider Uber group with its own staff and management, including the current management team. The Autocab team will continue to provide support, customer care and be your single point of contact, now and in the future. 

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