Driver Groups

Did you know that with our Ghost system, you can set up select groups for your drivers?

Groups provide you with a number of options and commands which aim to help you manage your drivers and their activity. From map types to customer calling, groups will allow you to add drivers to lists and alter basic settings.

Here are a few examples of groups and how they could benefit your business:

  • You may have a driver who calls up the office frequently for information they can access on their device. With our Driver Companion ‘can contact office’ option, you can choose whether groups of drivers can contact the office anytime or just when they are working
  • For drivers with their own devices, groups allow you to choose whether drivers use Google Maps or Autocab Maps. Simple select this from the ‘map type’ option under Driver Companion
  • Penalty times can also be adjusted for each group. So, for example, drivers who reject jobs less frequently than others will be rewarded with a lower penalty time, or vice versa for drivers who reject jobs frequently

Driver Groups can be found in Management > Settings > Configuration > MDT Configuration Groups. For engineer only settings, please speak to a member of the Autocab team.

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