Download customer emails from your app

When customers start using your Passenger App, they are prompted to enter an email address to access their account, which is then stored in the back end of your system. However, what most operators are unaware of is that you can actually export these email addresses.

Perhaps you want to thank them for using your taxi company over competitors, or maybe you want to provide them with information about your range of accessible vehicles. However you decide to use the data, we’ve made sure that it’s simple and easy for you to access.

To download the data, visit Management > Reports > Web Reports on Ghost. Along the top bar of the web browser, click on Apps > Registrations > Registrations (see below image).

From here, select the time and date range for your data and click ‘apply’.


Registration time and user email addresses for these dates will then appear under a map. To download these submissions, simple click the  button.

Important: please ensure that your data is GDPR compliant before using it for marketing purposes. You can find out more about this by clicking here

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